In this category, all UAE Nationals are eligible to purchase Airsoft and Airgun items with METAL casing and Metal Gearbox. As per the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Interior, other nationalities are not eligible for the same item categories for security purposes. This situation though, is continuously being assessed. Below are the guidelines for purchasing Airsoft and Airguns items for UAE nationals within United Arab Emirates.

1. As per Ministry Of Interior Policy, United Arab Emirates Nationals are eligible in
purchasing Airsoft and Airgun items with full metal casing provided that the item is
purchased within the territory of United Arab Emirates.

2. The purchase is NOT limited to any form of Airsoft and Airgun items provided that the item is less than 8 Joules.

3. Purchasing individual has to be of legal age, from 18 and above. Ages 18 and below must be accompanied, guided and waived by legal parent or a sibling of legal age.

4. A valid Emirates/National Identification card has to be shown and submitted along any purchase of Airsoft and Airgun items. Please bring along original Emirates Identification card during purchase.

5. There is no restriction on the number of Airsoft and Airguns items to be purchased. On the other hand, the item serial numbers are strictly recorded and registered only under the end user/purchaser’s name. 

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