Canasafe Cover X - Eye Protection


CoverX over-the-glass (OTG) eyewear extends the view, increases the comfort, and provides custom fit & functionality for both prescription Rx and regular users alike. EXCELLENT CHOICE as a Visitors Spectacle. Convenient Over-the-Glass (OTG) Design offers the best of both worlds. Prescription eyeglass wearers get the added safety of a all-round hi-impact polycarbonate lens without sacrificing the vision, comfort and familiarity of their own personal glasses. Regular uses get a robust high-tech piece of eyewear, making this an excellent choice to compliment your Safety Eyewear Program. Features: Brow shield for extra protection Lightweight design Pantoscopic & length adjustment Panoramic view - seamless optically correct lens accommodates Rx eyewear High impact polycarbonate with i-Cote™ anti-fog/anti-scratch 99.9% UV protection lenses Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2015 & EN 166:2001 standard

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