P-103 31.5cm Pistol Plastic Cases BrandSRC CoulorNoir MaterialsPolymère Gun lenght (in mm)3150 This pistol hard case is constructed out of durable high-strength ABS plastic, with a high quality hinge, preventing wear over time. This lockable case has two clasp locks, as well as the ability to lock the case via a pad-lock preventing any curiousity-infested folk from prying at your airsoft pride and joy. Internally this case has eggshell foam for improved retnention, superior secrutiy and better protection. The foam holds the pistol and any accessories (such as magazines etc) securely in place, which combined with the hard plastic exterior prevents your guns from getting scratched and/or damaged. Most airsoft pistols will fit in this case, including the gargantuan Desert Eagle, though it is a tight squeeze. With smaller, or more average, pistols you can fit two, provided you're acquainted with the art of gun-tetris. The best suited pistols for this case are the M9's, 1911's, Five-SeveN's, PX4, XDM, EU-Series, etc.