Fans of watering marbles will necessarily be delighted by this Ammobox charger with a very large capacity of 1500 marbles maximum. Enough to last a while even for the most trigger-happy... The Digital Desert colored synthetic cover allows this charger to go unnoticed while being protected from small hazards during games. A zipper goes around the charger from the bottom to provide access to the battery, the mode selection button and of course the ball filling hatch. This Ammobox works thanks to a small battery connected under the charger and which is rechargeable with the USB cord included in the box. the cord must be plugged into the socket provided for this purpose under the charger. It has 3 operating modes selectable by the button on the front: - Left position: AUTO = The charger will raise the balls and stop when the spring is fully compressed. It will restart automatically as soon as you fire a few balls to avoid empty shots. - Central position: OFF = As its name suggests, this position is used to cut off the power supply to the charger to save battery power during pause phases or during transport and storage. - Right position: SOUND CONTROL = This position saves the charger's battery a little more by only activating the motor when the internal microphone detects the sound of your Gearbox. A second cord is also included in the box. This is a remote switch to be plugged into the socket located between the battery and the charging socket. The remote switch allows manual control of the raising of the balls in the SOUND CONTROL or OFF positions.

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In order to keep your Ammobox charger for M249 in perfect working order, we recommend placing the switch in the OFF position when you are not using it.
The battery should always be stored full. So remember to recharge it when you get back from your game if necessary.

Also remember to remove the balls from the feed tube at the end of the game to release the pressure on the mechanism. 

Ammo Box Mini with a capacity of 1500 balls ideal for your A&K brand AEG M249 airsoft replica.

Strong points:
- Electric Ammo Box
- Zippered Digital Desert fabric cover
- Mini 1500 ball format
- AUTO ball lift / Sound sensor


  • Ability:1500
  • Propulsion:AEG
  • Kind:Hi-Cap
  • Color:Digital Desert, Woodland
  • Matter:ABS & Synthetic