*LIMITED STOCKS! *IMPORTANT: BUYER AND USER GUIDELINES 1. Strictly for UAE Nationals Only. 2. Only 18 and above of age can buy and use Airsoft and Airguns. 3. Failure to submit documentations needed and sign the waiver form will be considered cancelled and nulled. 4. AVAILABLE FOR STORE PURCHASE ONLY 5. Please see contact details for our store address The M45 AEG is a pistol caliber carbine airsoft gun coming from ARES. This follows the latest trends as seen in the real steel world with the popularization of using smaller calibers while still operating an AR patterned firearm. The ARES M45 not only delivers on providing a compact AEG but also offers itself as an extremely versatile platform for upgrades. The M45S shares much of its flexibility with the M45X and is compatible with many of its accessories unless otherwise specified. However, you will still enjoy the same shooting experience from both guns and have an AEG that is ultra compact and unobtrusive. The M45 also uses tried and true ARES motors and their E.F.C.S. for optimal trigger performance. Pistol caliber carbine design. Collapsible pistol brace stock. Plugs and plays with other M45 designed accessories (unless specified otherwise). Comes with 1 150 round short magazine and 1 300 round long magazine. Features the proven ARES E.F.C.S. Specifications: Length - 500mm Weight - 1964g SHORT Magazine Capacity - 150 Rounds LONG Magazine Capacity - 300 Rounds Power Source - Battery Powered Shooting Modes - Semi, Full Auto Hop-up - Adjustable from the breach Magazine Compatibility - ARES M45 magazines.

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