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The big swiss Arms brand is delivering a new generation of silicone oil, called "Power Booster" with APS3, to optimize the life of your replica.

32AED 60AED(-46.67%)

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The silicone oil APS3 Swiss Arms, is delivered in a small bottle in a compact size (12cm), so you can easily slip it anywhere, in a pocket, a backpack, etc. ? .

In order to be able to spray airsoft silicone oil accurately, a small removable pipette from top to bottom is attached to the APS3 bottle. In order not to lose it, it is attached to the bottle and cannot be removed. Rather, smart our friends at Swiss Arms

What is silicone oil? It is a very fluid lubricant essential to the proper functioning of your replica. The manufacturers of airsoft, recommend its use, because it reduces friction of parts, thus avoiding premature wear.

If I don't use silicone oil, what are the risks? You may have your replica warranty cancelled. Not using this special airsoft lubricant to maintain your equipment as a good family man would be like driving without oil. In both cases, the purpose is the same, the break!

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