*IMPORTANT: BUYER AND USER GUIDELINES 1. Strictly for UAE Nationals Only. 2. Only 18 and above of age can buy and use Airsoft and Airguns. 3. Failure to submit documentations needed and sign the waiver form will be considered cancelled and nulled. 4. AVAILABLE FOR STORE PURCHASE ONLY 5. Please see contact details for our store address Specifications - The training for engagement version of the Walther PPQ M2 is designed to meet these needs. It works like a real PPQ M2, with a convincing recoil and the same reliable operation, ensuring realistic conditions in the training area without the use of live ammunition. The magazine of the PPQ M2 T4E holds eight .43 caliber projectiles. Users can choose between rubberballs, chalkballs and markingballs, which clearly mark where they hit the target. The pistol is powered by a 12 g CO₂ capsule that sits in the magazine. The functional elements are authentic as well. The training weapon features an adjustable sight and has the same magazine catch and trigger safety as the original. It also has a characteristic Hi-Grip finish and Picatinny rail. Suitable for all T4E Roundballs in cal. .43. For the use as a paintball marker, we recommend to use our Markingballs (MAB) or Chalkballs (CKB). When using classical gelatine-based paintballs, according to the construction, there is a higher likeliness of bursting rounds when feeding, or in the barrel. TECHNICAL DATA Caliber .43 Energy level (E₀) < 5.0 J Magazine capacity 8 rounds Shot capacity 40 rounds Power source 1x 12 g CO₂ Trigger Single Action Safety Automatic Trigger Safety Length 180 mm Weight 848 g Holster type A

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