*LIMITED STOCKS! *IMPORTANT: BUYER AND USER GUIDELINES 1. Strictly for UAE Nationals Only. 2. Only 18 and above of age can buy and use Airsoft and Airguns. 3. Failure to submit documentations needed and sign the waiver form will be considered cancelled and nulled. 4. AVAILABLE FOR STORE PURCHASE ONLY 5. Please see contact details for our store address The Ruger P345PR is a perfect fit for shooters looking for a fast shooting pistol in close quarters action. This semi-auto airsoft pistol is powered by a 12g CO2 capsule in the grip. Featuring a metal barrel, fixed sights, and adjustable hop-up, the Ruger P345PR is an authentic replica that will meet all your training or plinking needs. The trigger system is a DA (double action), the sights are light-guiding, a hop-up system and magazine capacity of 15 pellets. The weight is 500 g and shot energy about 2 J. A single cartridge will last about 50-70 shots. Ruger is a trademark used under license by UMAREX. 380 fps Fires 6mm airsoft BBs Adjustable hop-up Fixed front and rear sights Manual safety Powered by one 12g CO2 capsule housed in the grip

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