Strictly for UAE Nationals Only.

*IMPORTANT: BUYER AND USER GUIDELINES 1. Strictly for UAE Nationals Only. 2. Only 18 and above of age can buy and use Airsoft and Airguns. 3. In the event of purchasing a weapon, Tasleeh will communicate further to the buyer and must need to submit valid documentations, and sign a waiver form. 4. Failure to submit documentations needed and sign the waiver form will be considered cancelled and nulled. 5. Kindly wait for Tasleeh representative to communicate further after checkout. 6. All Airsoft and Airguns distribution to valid buyers will be able to take their weapons during open event such as ADIHEX and Military Events which will be announced further in our website and social pages. 7. Buyer must agree to all terms and conditions Tasleeh and the event organizer’s policy, which will be on proper notice before or during the event (whichever event occurs first). GLOCK 19 cal. 6 mm BB The little brother of the GLOCK 17 comes on strong. Measuring 186 mm in length, this CO2 airsoft version of the GLOCK 19 packs high performance into a small space. It features a heavy metal slide and a trigger blade safety that are just like those of the original. The 6-mm pellets emerge from the muzzle with an energy of up to 2 joules. In the grip, next to the magazine, users will find a practical key for inserting the CO2 cartridge. In spite of its compact dimensions the GLOCK 19 tips the scales at an impressive 717 g. TECHNICAL DATA Caliber 6 mm BB Magazine capacity 11 shot(s) Energy <2 Joule(s) Length 186 mm Weight 717 g