*IMPORTANT: BUYER AND USER GUIDELINES 1. Strictly for UAE Nationals Only. 2. Only 18 and above of age can buy and use Airsoft and Airguns. 3. Failure to submit documentations needed and sign the waiver form will be considered cancelled and nulled. 4. AVAILABLE FOR STORE PURCHASE ONLY 5. Please see contact details for our store address TECHNICAL DATA: GLOCK 17 – The original. This is how the Austrian firearms company advertises its celebrated model. And with good reason: Police units all over the world have been relying on it since 1982. The CO₂-powered airsoft version picks up this fascinating tradition, and with its blowback and heavy metal slide it delivers a highly realistic recoil. Moreover, its original markings and identical dimensions make it attractive to collectors. The practical all-in-one magazine holds 14 BBs along with a 12 g CO₂ cartridge. Energy level (E₀) < 2.0 J Caliber 6 mm BB Power source 1x 12 g CO₂ Magazine capacity 14 rounds Safety Automatic Trigger Safety Shoot-Up non-adjustable Length 200 mm Weight 650 g Recommended BBs 0,20 g Holster type A

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